Axfunds is an opensource P2P cryptocoin. Start from Dec 14, 2014, after 30 month of POW, switch to POS on May 2017.


Total amount of 84 million coins,  POS 0.01 each block, 1 block per minute. It is eco and power saving coin. Its transacation fee is 0.001


The funds raised by first issue of coins is invested into stocks, to maintain its stable value. It also will develop applications to make the coin usable, to add more value to the coins.


Axfunds team will target many different area to find and explore the application of cryptocurrency, especially in the payment industry.


Axfunds is developed and operate base in Canada. It is legal to run a cryptocurrency as a new form of business in Canada. Although most of the Country are friendly with the cryptocurrency, investors need to refer to the Law of their own Country to make investment decision.


The formation of Axfunds community is base on freelance, self-motivition and self-regulation, individual can get help on investment advise and development infomation within the Community.

QQ: 2735113810

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